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Piggy Payback! We're Underway...

Hey all you Piggy Paybackers out there!

The whole thing started when designed a level on Visio and everything looked good until I built the very first part of the prototype - The drop-off and the seesaw. What I failed to forsee is that the direction that the pig launched was opposite to the way I assumed it would. I should have easily seen this coming, but, no worry at all...I put the pig on the other side and adjusted the level so that the ball that drops onto the seesaw would land on the opposite side of the pig.

Now the pig launches in the right direction, but not far enough. Since the collision on the pig is a Sphere, it rolls off the end of the seesaw before it can really launch it. Andrew and I added another piece on the end of the seesaw on an angle so the pig doesn't roll off. Success!

3 Weeks Ago So, now that I have the pig launching right, I notice that it doesn't bounce nearly enough. I then added a physical material to the ball (pig) and played with the physics, including the mass, bounce physics and others. After a while I finally get the pig bouncing like a superball on bounce steroids. Now its time to build out the prototype level. When designing this first simple level I kept in mind the optimal trajectories that the player could use to achieve the most bird and egg collisions possible. I then Strategically placed these actors in the path of those trajectories for the player to discover for themselves Piggy Payback! Has become a mix of Angry Birds and pinball!

Piggy Payback! Is starting to look like a real game. A very rough one so far, but a game nonetheless.

We will be adding new posts every few days until I have all the past notes posted and I'm all caught up. We hope you keep coming back to get all the latest news on Piggy Payback!




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