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Piggy Payback! The Evolution...

Hello, everyone! This game's development is really starting to come into focus. We hope you enjoy the read!

The game was originally called Rodent Rush🐰. It was later changed to Rodent Riot due to popular demand. Other names in consideration were Rodent Ricochet, Rodent Run and Rodent Rash.

The game wasn't originally designed to be the unofficial spinoff to Angry Birds 🐦 that it is today. Then we noticed the similarities in the levels. Single screen levels with one static camera. The animal is launched from left to right. Once we saw these similarities the idea 💡 was born. Angry birds ups the ante from Angry Birds with more fast paced gameplay, a greater variety of mechanics, 3D characters and more. We're all big fans of the old birds, but we knew the piggies needed to see their day. That is where Piggy Payback! comes in!

We want to avoid making the game too similar to Angry Birds, but now the game is certainly an inspiration, except the reverse. In this game, the pigs get their revenge on those birds with mood disorders.

We built a simple 2D level, a seesaw and a drop off. We created the input action buttons to control the pig that drops onto the seesaw (and launches the other pig), and then add a physical material to the pig that launches. With some tweaking of this physical material (including friction and restitution values), we had the first form of a game. We had the ability to launch a ball that would bounce around the enclosed 2D level.

We played around with the physics of the ball until we found a bounciness that we like. At first we thought the pig would just bounce around and come to a stop. But this didn't seem like it had enough action. We needed something more. We will get to what this "more" is in the next posts, when we really start getting into what's going on in this game.

We had a ton of ideas and inspiration at this point, and from here on we never looked back. We promise to bring you fun and interesting updates to Piggy Payback in the coming weeks, so please come back for our future posts. We will not disappoint.

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