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Jun. 2024

Piggy Payback! Press Kit

Welcome to the Press Kit page for Piggy Payback!, an Android & PC game. Please let us know if you need any additional information, or any of the information in a different format.

Fact Sheet:

  • Game Page: ***Insert Steam/Itch Page***
  • Developer: Dangerous Mind Games

  • Founded: February 12, 2021

  • Business Headquarters: Campbell River, BC, Canada

  • Number of Employees: 4

  • Game Platforms: Google Play Store & PC

  • Price: Free on Play Store, $3.99 on PC (Boss Hog Edition)

  • Editions: Basic - Free (Google Play Store only)

  • Boss Hog Edition: $3.99 - Extra power-ups, lives & unlockables

  • Language: English

  • ESRB: TBD (E for everyone)

  • Press Contact:

  • Website:


Introducing Piggy Payback! A mobile turn-based action / spacial puzzle pig ricochet game. In this silly, fun mobile game, the player lights the fuze of the piggy cannon with their finger, and their pig is launched into the air. It then bounces around the 2D level, squashing those moody little birds and stealing their eggs.

Launch pigs, squash birds, collect every egg, beat levels, customize the your pigs, level up and become the greatest poultry pulverizer of them all!

Beat your friends, top the leaderboards for both points scored and eggs collected, and enjoy endless hours of fun and competition.

It's time to help our pachyderm pals get some payback on those mad flying freaks who picked on them for so long!

Piggy Payback! is a combination of genres, as well as many mechanics and concepts never before seen in a video game. There are many things that you, the player can enjoy in the game. From beating levels and getting the high score, to unlocking power-ups and upgrades, to customizing and caring for your very own pet pig!

  • Handrafted levels

  • Handcrafted puzzles

  • Large range in level & puzzle difficulty

  • Simplistic to learn, but requires pre-planning & quick reactions to master

Problem We Want To Solve:

The problem we see in the gaming world is that there are too many games made by money-hungry studios, built around microtransactions and not around fun gameplay.


Our solution is to develop a game with the primary goal of being a fun and enjoyable experience first, and then add in-app puchases, but only to enhance an already great game experience.


How To Play:

To play piggy payback!, first you select your angle of launch based on the configuration of the level and it's features/collectibles. Then you tap and swipe the launch button in the direction you want to launch your pig. The length of your swipe also determines the power, so it's a dual purpose button. Once your pig is in the air, you tap either side of the screen to engage the corresponding paddles in order to keep the pig bouncing around. Use these paddles to utilize any of the many in-level mechanics in the game. Overlap birds and eggs to squash them and score points, hit bumpers, blow up crow-bombs, hit buttons to unlock new areas of the game. Complete tasks and score the minimum required points to beat levels, and become the number 1 poultry pulverizer in the world!

Who Is Piggy Payback! For:

Piggy Payback! is for anybody who loves games that are challenging, but on more than one level. Anybody who loves challenges involving pre-planning mixed with quick reaction times, who needs a casual game they can pick up and put down at any time, and anybody who wants to improve their planning skills and reflexes. Oh, and this game is definitely for you if you love pigs, or want to learn about how amazing and adorable pigs really are!

Strong Points

  1. Unique Concept: Piggy Payback! brings a unique and entertaining concept to the table with its combination of pig launching, pinball-style gameplay, and bird-squashing objectives.

  2. Addictive Gameplay: The game offers addictive and engaging gameplay loop with the challenge of launching pigs, navigating through levels, and strategically squashing birds to achieve high scores and completing tasks.

  3. Diverse Mechanics: The inclusion of diverse mechanics, such as pinball-style paddles, bumpers, buttons, power-ups, and special moves, adds depth and variety to the gameplay, keeping players entertained and providing strategic opportunities.

  4. Multiple Game Modes: Piggy Payback! goes beyond the primary bird-squashing gameplay with additional modes like 'Pinko' and 'Pet Piggy.' This variety enhances replayability and offers different ways for players to enjoy the game.

  5. Customization and Personalization: The "Pet Piggy" mode, where players can unlock and buy various accessories for their pigs, adds a layer of customization and personalization, allowing players to showcase their unique style.

  6. Cute & Humorous Theme: The game's humorous and light-hearted theme, evident in characters like Chicken Thugget and the overall concept of pigs squashing birds, contributes to its charm and makes it stand out.

  7. Competitive Element: Piggy Payback! introduces a competitive element through leaderboards, encouraging players to compete with friends and others globally, fostering a sense of competition and achievement. The point multiplier based on the pig’s velocity when it squashes a bird means that the max score in any given level is almost impossible to achieve, giving the game huge replayability potential.

  8. Endless Fun: With at least 100 levels to explore, Piggy Payback! offers a substantial amount of content, providing players with many hours of entertainment and challenges.

  9. Cross-Promotion Potential: The game's stylized and engaging visuals create cross-promotion potential, especially if collaborating with other games with a similar aesthetic.

  10. Mobile and PC Compatibility: Being available on Mobile and PC expands the game's accessibility, allowing players to enjoy Piggy Payback! across different platforms.

Video Trailer:


Main menu screen from Piggy Payback!
GIF of the item store in Piggy Payback!
GIF of the TNT crates in Piggy Payback!
GIF of the physics spin gate in Piggy Payback!
GIF of the cannon or piggy launcher in Piggy Payback!
GIF of the crow bomb in Piggy Payback!
Image of the item store in Piggy Payback!
Image of one of the levels in Piggy Payback!
Image of one of the levels in Piggy Payback!
Crow Bomb exploding in Piggy Payback! level
One of the levels in Piggy Payback!
One of the vertical levels in Piggy Payback!
Crow Bomb about to explode in a level in Piggy Payback!

Company Story:

Dangerous Mind Games was formed in February of 2021 after now owner, Bo Vandergriendt became fed up with the greedy and uncaring nature of many of the existing game studios. Bo's goal was to create a different kind of game studio. One that puts the player first in the mind of it's developers, and fun and enjoyable gameplay first in the games said studio develops.

Bo met Technical Artist, Andrew Moldenhaur online and they decided to work together. Soon after, Andrew brought on our 3D artist, Andrew W. Together they begun work on their first game together, Piggy Payback! Lastly, Bo found Mouhammad Manla, the team's stylized 3D artist and animator, online, and the team now had everything it needed to make Piggy Payback! as great as possible. With over 20 years of combined game development experience, they feel fully confident that they can take on any challenge that comes their way.

Studio Logo:

Dangerous Mind Games logo

Game Logo:

Piggy Payback! logo

Team Bios:

Bo Vandergriendt:

DMG Owner, Programmer & Artist:

The owner of DMG is Bo Vandergriendt, a lifelong gamer turned indie developer. He has been learning the ins and outs of game development for two years and has been coming up with ideas for games for more than ten years. Bo has some business experience from college, as well as a large amount of psychology training, which he uses to make his games as psychologically enjoyable as possible. He plans to continue to grow the studio into an indie powerhouse and beyond. Bo has an undying passion for making games to the best of his ability, and sees great things for the future of Dangerous Mind Games.

Bo Vandergriendt, DMG owner is a gamer turned indie developer in Campbell River, Canada.  He has developed many small projects in his few years in the industry.  As a lifelong gamer, from the pain of the dog from Duck Hunt, to developing and testing Piggy Payback!, he has an undying passion for all things video games. But over the past decade he has been growing more and more concerned about the trajectory of the
industry. Seeing companies that don’t care about their customers, and that use cheap tactics to make a quick buck that only enrage the gamer community, he’d finally had enough.

He decided to take all of the game ideas he’d been writing down to give to the studios of the games he
plays, to improve them, and start his own studio. He now has a team of 5 working together to
create fun and enjoyable experiences with a twist.  Bo plans to master level design and AI in the future, and to continue to grow the studio into an indie powerhouse and beyond.  He vows to always make unique games built around fun concepts and mechanics, and to never make a cookie-cutter game. Bo is a huge fan of pigs.  Although he doesn’t have any himself, his sister is an avid piggy parent, so Bo has spent a lot of time in the pig world. He says that pigs are highly intelligent and as good of a companion as any animal you can name. Clementine and Walter the pigs are the inspiration for Piggy Payback!, as well as Chris P. Bacon, the famous pig on wheels!

Andrew Shane:

Lead Programmer & Technical Artist:

Andrew is a talented and experienced  video game developer based in Vancouver, Canada.  He has been using the Unreal Engine to create immersive and interactive games  since  2015,  and  has also gained proficiency in tools such as Blender and Photoshop to enhance his capabilities as a developer.

Andrew is highly dedicated to creating intuitive and user-friendly experiences for players,  and  has  a  particular  passion  for  designing clean and minimalist user interfaces.  In addition to his professional pursuits, Andrew also has a great sense of humor and enjoys spending time with his partner, playing online video games with friends, and indulging in his love for good food. Whether he is working on a new project or simply enjoying some leisure time, Andrew is always striving to improve and grow as a developer and individual.

Esdras Ramirez:

3D Character Artist:

Esdras is a 3D artist in Ecuador, with several years of experience with modeling and texturing on blender, 3Ds Max and Maya. Recently started dipping on the development realm with Unreal engine.  As an avid lover of FPS, and story driven games, he is starting to develop experiences and use the tools that will shape
the future of entertainment, games and VR.

Layla Blum:

2D Artist:

Layla Blum is a self-taught digital artist who  has developed her skills  through a  combination  of  innate talent and hard  work.  Despite  not  having  a formal degree, she has built a strong foundation in the field and has honed her abilities through both her professional affiliation and freelance projects.

In addition to her  passion for digital art, Layla has a  diverse  range of  interests that enrich her life and inspire her work. Whether it's discovering new  cuisine as a foodie, losing herself in a good book, or capturing the beauty of her travels through sketches and drawings, these experiences bring a unique perspective to her art.  Layla believes that a well-rounded life, with a balance of work and personal pursuits is essential to
creating meaningful and impactful artwork.

Demo Tester Testimonials:

Profile picture of one of the Piggy Payback! reviewers

Karla Wray

Piggy Payback! is such a fun game to play while taking a break from life. I also like that you can play short sessions or just go for hours. I find that I replay the levels to get all the birds and their eggs! This game is awesome!

Profile picture of one of the Piggy Payback! reviewers

Elin Hagg

I love how fast paced and skill-based it is thanks to the flipper elements! A good combination of strategy and real time skills that makes engaging gameplay you can't get enough of!

Profile picture of one of the Piggy Payback! reviewers

Louis Whittmore

I had a blast playing Piggy Payback! Once you grasp the mechanics, you won’t wanna stop playing until you win!

Profile picture of one of the Piggy Payback! reviewers

Edras Ramirez

I have seen Piggy Payback from the drafts of characters to the level design and I'm excited to see all the different puzzles, rewards and challenges the game is preparing. Definitely tons of content to come! I love the theme and the sound design. (Before he joined the team).

Social Media Accounts:


@Dangerous Mind Games






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