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Revenge is a dish best served with bacon!
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Profile picture of a reviewer of the game, Piggy Payback!

Karla Wray

Piggy Payback! is such a fun game to play while taking a break from life. I also like that you can play short sessions or just go for hours. I find that I replay the levels to get all the birds and their eggs! This game is awesome!

Profile picture of a reviewer of the game, Piggy Payback!

Elin Hagg

I love how fast paced and skill-based it is thanks to the flipper elements! A good combination of strategy and real time skills that makes engaging gameplay you can't get enough of!

"What people are saying about Piggy Payback!"
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John Hayes

I recently played through the demo of Piggy Payback! I found it to be alot of fun and great game to play.

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Louis Whittmore

I had a blast playing Piggy Payback! Once you grasp the mechanics, you won’t wanna stop playing until you win!

Profile picture of a reviewer of the game, Piggy Payback!

Edras Ramirez

I have seen Piggy Payback from the drafts of characters to the level design and I'm excited to see all the different puzzles, rewards and challenges the game is preparing. Definitely tons of content to come! I love the theme and the sound design.

"Ricochet action!"

Bounce those boars!

Use physics to bounce your pig and score insane combo points by chaining your squashes together.

Piggy character from the game, Piggy Payback!
Three bird characters from the game, Piggy Payback!
"Bird bashing blast!"

Squash those avion arses...

Use your pigs to get back at those moody birds of your past and squash those hollow-boneheads!

"Egg hunter"

Are you skilled enough to collect every egg and become the egg hunter champ?

"Collect every egg!" above the three egg types from Piggy Payback!
Game play GIF of Piggy Payback!
Game play GIF of the game, Piggy Payback!
"Casual shooter" - Use your cannon to launch your pig

Use impeccable timing to aim your launch and lightening fast reflexes to squash those birds!

Spacial puzzle fun!

Are you clever enough to predict the right angle?

Choose the best angle of attack to ensure the most possible points and dominate the leaderboards!

Game promotion image of Piggy Payback!
Jumbo George, a character from Piggy Payback!
Bubba Bird, a character from Piggy Payback!
Piggy character sprinting. Character from Piggy Payback!
Doctor Swinestein, the leader of the Piggy Posse in Piggy Payback!
"Earn Boar Bucks"

Earn Boar Bucks by squashing birds, stealing their eggs, scoring points, beating levels, and crushing challenges.

Spend your Boar Bucks on in-game cosmetic items, to increase the pigs' special moves, earn power-ups, or even to gain an extra pig to launch at those angry birds!

Piggy Points coin, a currency in Piggy Payback!
Side view of the Piggy Points coin

The Aim of the Game

Introducing Piggy Payback! A turn-based action / physics shooter pig ricochet game. In this silly, fun Android/PC game, the player lights the fuse of the piggy cannon, and their pig is launched into the air. It then bounces around the 2D level, squashing those moody little birds and stealing their eggs.

You have a variety of tools at your disposal to help you own these hollow-boneheads. In addition to the pinball-style paddles you use to bounce the pig around, you have a wide variety of mechanics: physical tools such as bumpers that give points, buttons your pig can hit to unlock different rewards, and many other contraptions found throughout each level.

You also have the very useful power-ups that your pig can grab along the way, as well as the piggies' special moves that can really turn the tides of your game.

As well as the beak-busting gameplay mode, there are two entire other modes to Piggy Payback! The first is called 'Pinko'. A bonus game similar to Plinko, except instead of a disc, you drop your pig down the board and watch it bounce off of pegs and land in one of the 5 zones to (hopefully) claim your prize!

The other mode is the Pet Piggy mode. You're able to unlock/buy all kinds of dapper gear for your ballin' boars, like hats, shades, jewelry, shoes, and more. You're also able to have multiple different pigs and switch between them. Show the world your sick style by decking out your very own pet pig! But it doesn't stop there. You can also feed your pig snacks to improve its performance, and even give them a pet to see their reaction!

The world of Piggy Payback! is waiting for you to explore it!


Launch pigs, squash birds, collect every egg, beat levels, customize your pigs, level up and become the greatest poultry pulverizer of them all!


Compete with your friends, top the leaderboards, and enjoy endless hours of fun and competition.


It's time to help our pachyderm pals get some payback on those mad flying freaks who abused them for so long!

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