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What Is It?

Enter Central Insane Asylum. An ancient insane asylum hiding dark and disturbing secrets. Delve into the role of Balor Deimos as he attempts to discover the reason for his imprisonment in this dark and terrifying sanatorium.

Discover how you became a prisoner of this evil place, what its purpose is and how to escape with your life. All while running for your life from something known only as...
"The Experiment"...


Genre & Mechanics

Play as Balor Deimos, a man who finds himself held hostage in a late 1800s asylum, technologically updated with 1980s surveillance equipment. In addition to using stealth mechanics to avoid enemies, you will have to access a dated security system to view the various wards of the asylum from a safe place to plan your route and discover secrets. Take control of the cameras in the different rooms and figure out where you need to go.

Find keys to unlock doors, key items which allow you to open up passages, and use items within puzzles. In addition, decipher codes for safes and keypads to progress through the asylum.

With access only to items you find around the map as weapons, fight your way past bone chilling and terrifying insane and possessed patients to save your own life.

Keep yourself alive with health items and use your wits and stealth to make your way through the asylum, decipher the clues, find out how you became imprisoned in this hell, and escape with your life.


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