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Are you ready to feel true terror? Enter the inner world of a man tormented by his own mind. Escape this place by solving mind-bending puzzles and riddles, and survive your tormented psyche. Trapped is a true puzzle horror thriller.

Can you escape?

Trapped, Game Logo
Image of creepy rusted locked door

Coming Soon...

"Escape with your wits"

Use your spacial, logic and language problem solving skills as well as your puzzle skills to unlock this mystery room by room and piece by piece of your pysche. Connect the dots to figure out what each of the keys and items are used for, and how they're used in this mind-boggling escape room game. Do you have the mind to beat this place?

Trapped Lock
Trapped Psyche Mind Room

Survive Your Psyche

The Mind Is The Most Terrifying Thing Of All

They say the mind is a mystery. This is proven to be true in Trapped. Survive the horrors that lie deep within your mind and discover the secrets of the past, present and future.

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