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Piggy Payback! The Journey Begins...

Introducing Piggy Payback, a physics shooter / spacial puzzle pig ricochet game. In this silly, fun mobile game, the player helps the piggies light their cannon to launch their brave boar buddies at break-neck speeds! Then, that pig is launched into the air. It then bounces around the 2D level, squashing those moody little birds and collecting their eggs.

Launch pigs, squash birds, collect all of the eggs, beat levels, customize the characters and eggs, level up and become the greatest poultry pulverizer of them all!

There will be friends list and regional and worldwide leaderboards for both points scored and eggs collected, so there will be endless hours of fun and competition for all players.

There will also be an in-game currency called Boar Bucks with which you can buy all sorts of cosmetic accessories for the characters, as well as special move upgrades and more!

It's time to help our pachyderm pals get some payback on those mad avion arses who abused them for so long!

I hope you join our journey through the development of this game and stay tuned for the exciting release!

Yeah, you'll love this game....when pigs fly!

We will be updating this devlog weekly with new ideas, mechanics, visuals and more.

Concept sketch of Jumbo George, one of the characters in Piggy Payback!.

P.s. There was an issue with the website we were posting on before. All of our posts became locked behind a 404 error page permanently. I will be posting my older notes retroactively. My next few posts will be about the weeks leading up to this date. Stay tuned!

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