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Piggy Payback! Life Is A Painting.

Thanks for coming back, everyone. This post covers the updates from early to mid March. We hope you enjoy it!

This week we did a complete overhaul of the UI. We added 19 new UI textures and elements. They're a pink capsule shaped element. We use this style for the entire UI. We feel it's very important to get a consistent, uniform look, and it looks great. We then added animations for the score update, settings button, next pig button (that loads your next pig into the cannon from the between-pigs "Post Boartem" report, fire button, when a pig life is removed, and the eggs text.

If we didn't mention it before, we came up with the theme of the game. The levels and their backgrounds are hand-done paintings. And the 3D elements like the pig, birds and eggs jump out of the painting to give it a 3D look. We changed the logs that make up the frame to an actual picture frame made out of a wood material. We're really pleased with the results and we feel we have a solid theme going now.

Next, we added logic to subtract eggs and show remaining count, added logic to unlock animated egg when all egg types are collected, added a button logic to launch the pig, added a button logic for settings - So you can actually use the settings menu we already had.

Speaking of logic, we added color change logic when the fire button is pressed - The button turns a darker pink now. We added logic to stop fire button animation when fire button is pressed, it resets as well. We

added logic to change the "NEXT" text to "END" on the "Next Pig" button, if on final life, and added color change logic for next button when on final life.

Next we added some more sounds to the game. We added sound effect while using the power slider, added sounds to fire, settings and next buttons, and then added Piggy Payback! software version to menu to keep track of the software version.

We also updated menu lighting / post processing to give it the look we wanted without making it too costly on the hardware.

Another thing we did is we switched the Blueprint that tells each level what music to play from the level Blueprints to the game HUD widget. Now they're all in one Blueprint and can be modified easier.

We added a background Blur widget to the pause screen so the buttons pop more and there's less distraction. In addition, I used an adjust volume node to set the BGM volume in the pause screen to 0.5, or half of what it normally is.

We've been having a problem where when the pig rolls down onto the mount of the paddles it gets stuck. At first we thought this was because the angle of the mount was too shallow. After making this angle steeper, the pig still kept getting stuck. We found out this was because since the pig is locked in on the Y Axis and there's a hole behind the paddle mount, the pig would start to drop behind the mount and get stuck. What we did was have a normal thickness mount that's visible, and add a much deeper one with a completely transparent material, making it invisible. This was so the pig wouldn't go behind the thin (depth) mount and just drop down behind the paddle. Now the pig rolls down the mount and onto the paddle nicely.

We're slowly dealing with the bugs and issues that arise and are developing a solid and complete core loop for Piggy Payback!

That's all for this week. We had some very exciting updates and we're very happy to bring them to you. We know you're going to love this fun game once it's complete. Thanks for reading, guys!

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