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Coming Soon! Oink!

Revenge is a dish best served with bacon...

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Demo Level

Spacial Puzzle Fun!

Are you clever enough to predict the right angle?

Choose the best angle of attack to ensure the most possible points and dominate the leaderboards!

Ricochet Action!

Bounce them boars!

Use physics and launch your pig and score insane combo points by chaining your squashes together.

Jumbo George - Concept Sketch

Jumbo George
Bubba Bird

Bubba Bird - Concept Sketch

Bird Bashing Blast!

Squash those avion arses...

Use your pigs to get back at those moody birds of your past and squash those feathered fiends!

The Aim of the Game

Introducing Piggy Payback. A physics shooter / spacial puzzle pig ricochet game. In this silly, fun mobile game, the player lights the fuze of the piggy cannon, and their pig is launched into the air. It then bounces around the 2D level, squashing those moody little birds and stealing their eggs.


Launch pigs, squash birds, collect all of the eggs, beat levels, customize the characters and eggs, level up and become the greatest poultry pulverizer of them all!


Invite others to your friends list, top the regional and worldwide leaderboards for both points scored and eggs collected, and enjoy endless hours of fun and competition.


It's time to help our pachyderm pals get some payback on those mad flying freaks who abused them for so long!

Collect every Egg

Are you skilled enough to collect every egg and become the egg hunter champ?

Basket of eggs
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