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About DMG

Getting back to the love of the game

Nothing great ever made lacked ambition or imagination.

Our Story

The year is 2019. Future owner of Dangerous Mind Games, Bo Vandergriendt is playing some games by a certain prominent AAA game studio. The frustration that many of us feel from these lazy, sneaky game studios becomes too much. After trying to contact this studio dozens of times, while simultaneously writing down hundreds of ideas to improve their games, Bo had had enough. He realized how little this studio - as well as others - cares about their customers, and decides to start his own studio. He now runs DMG with his technical artist and partner, Andrew Shane. A skilled developer with a ton of knowledge. A huge asset to the team. As well as several other talented developers and artists.

Enter Dangerous Mind Games. A small, but growing indie studio dedicated to pleasing the customer by delivering fun games which lack the frustrating elements that others seem to insist on putting into their games. Games build around micro-transactions, NFTs, loot boxes...ew. We plan on creating some of the best new games around, including top mobile games and PC games. We are currently working on our first game, Piggy Payback!, and have plans to start the terrifying PC game, The Ward, and the mind-bending escape room psychological horror game, Trapped. Look forward to some seriously innovative games in the future from DMG.

We invite you to join us on our journey into the video game world and to like & subscribe to our social media channels!

You are our number one priority, and that will never change.

Dangerous Mind Games... Intelligence is the engine, creativity the fuel.

Play anywhere, at any time

Dangerous Mind Games has many games in the works, including games for all platforms and devices. Not to mention cross-platform games which allow players to use their same account on any of these devices!

Image of the Nintendo Switch.


Image of the Xbox Wireless Controller.


Image of the PS5's DualSense controller.


Image of a keyboard.

Pc / mac

Image of a phone with the Piggy Payback! logo on it.

Android / ios

Piggy Payback! Game Logo


              Unreal Engine       |          Quixel Megascans        Blender          |           Poliigon

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